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AMAL Tales Newsletter

The AMAL Tales Newsletter is now available online! Check out the latest February 2015 edition here.

If you are still receiving the newsletter by snailmail, please consider changing to electronic distribution. Every penny saved is another penny that can go directly to Malamutes in need.

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Maxwell Medallion

AMAL Tales Newsletter Wins Maxwell Medallion

On February 15, 2015, the Alaskan Malamute Assistance League (AMAL) received a great honor. It won a Maxwell Medallion for its quarterly newsletter, AMAL Tales. Content and layout editor Jeannette Wick was present at the banquet in New York City to receive the medallion on AMAL's behalf.

The Maxwell Medallion is presented by the Dog Writers Association of America, and commemorates Maxwell Riddle. Riddle was a prolific, knowledgeable and devoted columnist and author from Cleveland, OH, and an authority on dogs. Receipt of a Maxwell Medallion is a great honor, as it represents the respect and admiration of the professional dog writing community.

Few volunteer organizations are able to pull together and publish a quality newsletter on a regular basis. A huge malamute howl for all AMAL members who submitted articles, proposed ideas, sent the gorgeous pictures that certainly must have enticed the judges, and proofread proofread proofread.

Alaskan Malamute Assistance League
The Alaskan Malamute Assistance League will be receiving donations from the AmazonSmile Foundation as a result of AmazonSmile program activity. The donation will be deposited directly to our organization's bank account.

The AmazonSmile Foundation donates 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible AmazonSmile items and there's no cap on how much they will donate. They are also developing new features and enhancements to grow the AmazonSmile program in the future.

Shop through AmazonSmile and help rescue at the same time! Thanks for your support!

2014 AMAL Booth and Rescue Showcase at the National Specialty Show

Poster of Rescue Showcase Stars.

AMAL was active in the 2014 Alaskan Malamute Club of America (AMCA) National Specialty Show in November . We hosted our annual AMAL booth. Thanks go to volunteers Shirley Hendricks; Patty Hasegawa and her husband Ed Zimmerly; Patty's sister Leslie Hasegawa; Tanja Gube; and affiliates Florence Robinson, Sharon Huston, Karen Jordon, Michael Roach, Tom and Tina Dunn, and Paul Ganci for setting up, manning the booth, packing up, and general help as needed during the show. Patty and Ed accepted packages in advance which really facilitated our efforts. Michael also made some impressive, colorful signs to welcome the showcase participants and draw people to the booth.

The AMAL Booth had some great stuff: Patty Hasegawa donated eight fur babies that she made of real malamute fur! Leslie made a beautiful quilt/blanket with a malamute’s head. Nika Reininger, a POLARIS volunteer, etched different sized glasses with mal silhouettes and paw prints—we sold out of the wine glasses by the second day! Several AMCA members provided handmade and valuable items for us to sell.

The AMAL Rescue "Showcase of the Stars" occurred on Friday (see the November, 2014 Newletter AMAL Tails for more info). Participants were thrilled to be there. Several participants were 2011 Montana Seizure dogs. It was great to see the owners connecting with their dogs' sibling or parents. AMAL's last event was the AMCA auction. Leslie's quilt generated the largest item amount, but we also had nine other great entries that added to our ultimate total.

It was fun to take breaks and watch the show dogs as they were groomed and competed in the ring. Participants came from many countries outside the U.S. including New Zealand, Australia, Italy, England, France, Russia, Korea, Denmark, Mexico and Canada. Chairperson Marion Scire and Co-Chairperson Gloria Toussaint led the specialty show and selected a gorgeous location: Shelter Bay Island, opposite the striking San Diego skyline - boats and ships on either side of the land mass that housed the resort. We enjoyed perfect weather! Gloria's husband, Terry, was also very helpful in providing assistance to AMAL.

Next year's event will be held in Sturbridge, MA, November 8-14, 2015. Save the dates and look for details soon.

Read more about the National Specialty in the November 2014 AMAL Tales Newsletter.

By Sharon Nichols, AMAL Treasurer

Rescue Showcase Participants

2014 AMAL Christenson Award Recipients!

The Alaska Malamute Assistance League is proud to announce the recipients of the 2014 Christenson Award!

The aim of The Christenson Award is to recognize those people who are always there, working and volunteering beyond the call of duty, yet are seldom in the limelight. Congratulations to all the recipients!

Liz Markham Caron
Liz Markham Caron
Liz Markham Caron - nominated by Texas Volunteers for AMAL

Savannah was a perky active senior when her owner dumped her in a high kill shelter. Liz Markham Caron, herself recently widowed, agreed to provide a temporary foster home for her. And then Savannah was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Temporary respite became a full time commitment and Liz stepped right up to provide hospice care. She agonized with Savannah through multiple surgeries. She researched holistic remedies and supplements and cooked special meals for Savannah, who became known as the Queen - this in addition to managing a veterinary medication and treatment schedule at a vet clinic that required a Texas length car ride to access. Liz gave this old girl, who was 10 at intake, 7 years of quality life. She held Savannah in her arms as she went to Rainbow Bridge. The Queen never doubted that she was loved during that long seven years. You could see that in the love each felt for the other that last sad time.


Holly Justice with some furry friends. Special needs girl Mesha is hiding her head and in the hand made snow suit.
Holly Justice with some furry friends. Special needs girl Mesha is hiding her head and in the hand made snow suit.

Holly Justice - nominated by Moonsong Malamute Rescue

Holly has been involved with malamute rescue for many years. She was a tireless volunteer for the IAMRA affiliate when living in Illinois. Then after moving to Utah she became involved with Moonsong, and has served as a volunteer, board of director, generous donor, and foster home. Holly opened her home and her heart to a very special needs girl, Mesha. Mesha required double amputation of her hind legs due to illness, but that has not deterred Holly from giving Mesha a loving and caring home. Even with 2 young children and 3 other dogs to care for, Holly has continued to help Mesha with finding and fitting various carts to help with her mobility. It has been 2 years since Holly took Mesha into foster care. Dealing with a dog that will never be potty trained because of her medical condition can’t be easy, but not once has Holly complained. She has assisted us with so many things in addition to her care of Mesha, we can’t begin to thank her enough.

Andrea Allen with some furry friends.
Andrea Allen with some furry friends.

Andrea Allen - nominated by Moonsong Malamute Rescue

Andrea has been involved with the Alaskan Malamute breed for many years, and is the owner of Powerpaw Alaskan Malamutes Kennel in Utah. She has devoted her life to proper breeding of these gorgeous dogs. When the puppy mill bust of Mike Chilinski happened, we found out what strong stuff Andrea is made of. She immediately offered to help with foster care of many of the Aluk dogs, helped transport, and assisted us with information about lineage and disposition. She ended up fostering 6 of the Aluk dogs and not long after the dust settled from the Chilinski fiasco, Andrea continued to foster 7 more dogs for us. She even adopted one of the Aluk dogs. She continues to work tirelessly with Arctic Breeds Rescue in UT as a board member and active foster home. Many dogs were saved because Andrea would open her doors. We truly have lost count of how many dogs she has assisted over the last 2 years.

Jan Mitchell-Jasa
Jan Mitchell-Jasa

Jan Mitchell-Jasa - nominated by Taysia Blue Rescue

Jan is an unsung hero of Taysia Blue Rescue. She can be counted on at a moment's notice to jump in her car and drive for hours to save a dog from a regional shelter. She doesn't like the 'spotlight', she prefers to fly under the radar, but with 80% of all the dogs in our care coming from a radius of 3 hours or more away from Omaha, she is critical to Taysia Blue. Because of Jan's dedication to these dogs, we don't have to expend the time and energy to piece together transports so we can focus on other needs.

Last year she personally drove and donated over 4700 miles, this year she has logged just shy of 3000.

She fosters the dogs that are difficult, the ones that no one else seems to want, she works with them tirelessly with the patience of a saint; she isn't in a rush to get them placed, but happy to make sure they are in the right home. She has devoted her life to her dogs, especially her Malamute Holly who passed away unexpectedly and Suka,her new rescued Malamute who brings her joy and laughter every day.

Jan is always there to give breed specific advice to new adopters and new volunteers, but most importantly, she is ready to jump in her car and save a life. I could text her now and she would answer with "when and where, I'm ready to go now".

The Texas 7 Need Your Help!
Texas 7 photo.

Texas Alaskan Malamute Rescue (TAMR) took in seven Alaskan Malamutes from a voluntary breeder release to rescue, February 2014. The dogs were transported to Houston where they are boarding and receiving needed veterinary care. There are 6 females and 1 male aged adult to senior. Sadly one of the 7, a senior girl named Aspen, 12 years old, crossed the bridge 10 days later due to serious medical conditions. 4 of the Malamutes have been adopted. The 2 remaining Malamutes are now fully vetted and sterilized, but the rescue costs for all the malamutes have been staggering! TAMR is very grateful for a local Houston vet clinic stepping up and offering their veterinary care and services, but they need help paying the bills! Let’s Rally together and help out the Texas 7.

You can help and find more information and ways to donate on TAMR's web site or email them at: tamr [at] texalmal.org

Check out the 2 remaining Malamutes below who are still looking for their "furever" homes!

Star: 10 year old female Alaskan Malamute
Star is a senior female. She is the most fearful of the group. Very shy, nervous, passive, leary of new people or things. Star is watchful and takes a long time to warm up. Likes the comfort of her kennel so we make sure we don’t stress her too much and keep outside visits with her short at this time. Available for an experienced rehab foster that can help her come out of her shell. The Texas 7 have always been outside dogs. They need calm and nurturing homes that will show them love. Star is heartworm positive and will start treatment soon. They need calm and nurturing homes that will show them love. Star will need a special home willing to work on rehabilitating her. Info on our foster program at http://www.texalmal.org/forms/tapp.html. More pictures of Star can be seen here.
Tacoma: 11 year old female Alaskan Malamute
Tacoma is a senior female. She is a friendly, social, calm and talkative girl. Tacoma will grumble for attention and loves to follow you around. She will need to learn house manners as he's always been outside! Does well behind a 4 foot fence. Needs more leash training. Cats and kids unknown. Tacoma is selective on dog buddies so we prefer a home with NO other dogs for her. Tacoma will be spayed and bathed this week. Tacoma has a big tummy with nipple discharge so we are evaluating that at this time. May be a possible false pregnancy. Available for foster or adoption. The Texas 7 have always been outside dogs. They need calm and nurturing homes that will show them love. Tacoma is available through Golden Years Alaskan Malamute Rescue in Michigan. Please see more information here.

Over 150 Malamutes seized near Helena, Montana, 10/2011. The breeder, Mike Chilinski, is convicted of cruelty and neglect, 10/2012. The dogs have been released, transported to rescue groups nationwide and Mal Village closed 2/2013. Read the full archived story here.

Update as of 3/13/15 - There are only three Malamutes from this seizure with a few Mal rescue affiliates nationwide that are looking for their happily ever after homes. Check out the Mallies below and contact the affiliate associated with each dog if you are interested in adopting or fostering!

ROCKY - Adult Male - Rocky is approx 7 - 8 yrs old. Rocky will tolerate petting and he pulls a lot on the leash and in true malamute form would rather go a different way than the walker. He will relax to a certain extent and go with the flow, and he will pull on the leash but at the same time will respond better while on the leash. Rocky likes his treats and will do well with a female companion, but would benefit in a single dog household. Rocky is also crate trained.

Rocky is in rescue with Malamutes Unsettled Seeking Homes (MUSH) in Northern California. Please contact Maureen Marcus at spiritofashadow [at] aol.com or 510-895-9104 or 1-800-399-8155 (24 hour voice mail system). Visit their Web Site (click on rescue).

COLT - Young Male - Colt is an adorable little guy! Colt is high energy and even likes to use his back legs to climb. He likes to walk on leash and jumps up a lot! He has a mole above his left eye and the tip of his fuzzy right ear is missing - but that makes him more cute!

Colt is in rescue with Chesapeake Area Alaskan Malamute Protection (CHAAMP). Please contact Angela Brown at malamuterescue [at] gmail.com or 540-430-8223. Visit their Web Site.

TABITHA - Adult Female - Tabitha, a petite Malamute, is a shy girl who will need to be the only pet in the household. Full of spirit, Tabitha enjoys playing with her toys and running in a secure, fenced yard. If you have the time and patience to help Tabitha over her shyness, she will be a loyal companion for you.

Tabitha is in rescue with Alaskan Malamute Rescue of Delaware (AMROD). Please contact Angela Brown at MalRescueDE [at] gmail.com or 540-430-8223. Visit their Facebook Page.

LILY - Adult Female - Lily is our Malamute jumping bean! She's only about 19 inches from the ground to the top of her back. Small for a Malamute. However, she has enough spring in her back legs that she can jump straight up, from standing still, to at least 6 feet. Lily is not able to live with cats or other small pets, nor with female dogs. She may be able to live with a larger male dog. About 5 years old, Lily was taken into rescue from an animal abuse case. She's house trained and walks well on leash.

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