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Alaskan Malamute Assistance League

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The AmazonSmile Foundation donates 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible AmazonSmile items and there's no cap on how much they will donate. They are also developing new features and enhancements to grow the AmazonSmile program in the future.

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AMAL fundraising booth AMAL's fundraising booth.

Gypsy Peanut with owner, Vivian Griet. Gypsy Peanut with owner, Vivien Griet.

B Bear with owner, Laurel Flax. B Bear with owner Laurel Flax get ready for the showcase.

Steele getting his awardSteele getting his award.

Dog Tag Art donated coordinated dog tags for the rescue showcase participants.Dog Tag Art donated coordinated dog tags for the rescue showcase participants.

2015 AMAL Booth and Rescue Showcase at the National Specialty Show

This year’s show was held in Sturbridge, MA at the Sturbridge Host Hotel & Conference Center, from November 8 – 14th.    Ruth Levesque was the show chairperson and did a terrific job organizing the events – everything seemed to run smoothly and the location was lovely.  AMAL participated in its typical ways:   the week-long booth sales & auction items raised funds for rescue and the Rescue Showcase allowed AMAL to both thank the participating regional adopters & present the biographies of the rescue dogs during the parade.  

A Team effort was made in accomplishing our goals for Nationals:

AMRONE ( Alaskan Malamute Rescue of New England, Inc)
Thanks go out to AMRONE’s Joanne Duval for her coordination efforts, Jane Palinkas for making such great welcome bags for the showcase participants and Stephanie Bayliss for her help during & after the event.   Kathy & Jerry Ferragamo provided key assistance in setting up the booth and were always available to help on an “as need” basis.   Several AMRONE volunteers were also there to help with the booth sales & related activities during the week:   Lauren, Carl, Carol and Eric. 

AMAL sold items from Sunday through Saturday of the week of the dog show.   We received many material donations – the regional folks were especially very generous – and had new items to present almost every day.   Ruth Levesque provided us with a terrific location (right between the ring and the grooming area) so traffic was constant.   Tanja Gube helped out at the booth and designed nametags that were very helpful during the show week and for the parade participants.  Our biggest ticket auction item was a practically new dog sled and cushion generously donated by the McKinneys…   -Thanks to Vicki McKinney for also collecting & transporting donation deliveries, to Tex Peel for holding & transporting AMAL boxes in his big truck, and to all the affiliates who provided item donations to AMAL to make it a successful fundraiser! 

AMAL had 11 participants, with one shy dog who couldn’t attend and one dog in memorial, for the Rescue Showcase.   The regional affiliates were AMRONE and CHAAMP – the participants were pretty evenly split (5/6) between the two.   If you haven’t seen the video that Paul Ganci took of the event, you can check it out here: .

Michael Roach prepared several signs that directed people to the booth and made a wonderful welcome banner of all the parade participants’ dogs.   AMAL provided a light lunch for a rendez-vous point for the arriving participants.  AMRONE volunteers decorated the room and the welcome bags were distributed at this time.    Several feedbacks from the participants indicated how much they appreciated the gifts.   The schedule was finalized and the participants got to mingle.

Between lunch and the parade rehearsal, the showcase participants got to wonder around and see the dog show first hand.   Some had never attended one before and they admired the show dogs and the way their handlers had control over them!    Light touch-up grooming was kindly offered by several volunteers in the grooming area so the rescue dogs looked their best by the time of the parade.

We did a quick rehearsal, then went right into the Rescue showcase.   The video shows the result of our combined preparation efforts -all who attended enjoyed the parade and were moved by the dogs’ stories.   Steve Anderson and Mike Roach presented the awards to the handlers and hugged the dogs (or were hugged by some of the dogs) while the brief biographies and tribute were being read (by Dennis Collins)!   It was remarkable to hear of the progress of many of the dogs, from dire situations to beloved pets…

Sharon Huston, once again, outdid herself with designing and ordering the show items and memory books during a difficult personal time.   The show medals and ribbons were beautiful and the memory books were just wonderful.   We tried to keep the “celebrating our past” theme from the dog show so a historical section covered some past events of the breed, some dogs in the three major blood lines and a timeline of historical events.   The participants really appreciated them.   Karen Jordan assisted Sharon Huston’s efforts and Susan Conant provided final editing.

A special thank you goes out to Dog Tag Art who has generously donated the coordinated dog tags for the rescue showcase participants for the last couple of years.

Ruth Levesque arranged to have the show photographer provide an 8 x 10 picture of each dog and handler at the official award location directly after the parade.   AMCA also kindly provided a dog leash (with AMCA) for each of the dogs.   A light reception following the photo shootings allowed the participants to unwind and relax, while mixing with AMAL volunteers.   – A good time was had by all!

-See you next year in Colorado Springs in late October!    Details to follow in 2016.…


2015 Rescue Showcase Stars! 2015 Rescue Showcase Stars!

WAMAL volunteer Danya Sterner. WAMAL volunteer Danya Sterner.

Taysia Blue Rescue volunteer Stephanie Konz. Taysia Blue Rescue volunteer Stephanie Konz.

CHAAMP volunteer Lois McKennett. CHAAMP volunteer Lois McKennett.

2015 Christenson Awards: Tireless Trio

The Alaska Malamute Assistance League is proud to announce the recipients of the 2015 Christenson Award! The Christenson Award recognizes those people who are always there, working and volunteering beyond the call of duty, yet seldom in the limelight. Please join AMAL in recognizing these incredible malamute lovers for their tireless service and support!

Danya Sterner - Washington Alaskan Malamute Adoption League
The best thing about Danya is she never lets the WAMAL dogs down! A longtime volunteer walker, she always appears to take the kenneled dogs walking, no matter the weather. She does introductions with new families, emails updates, and praises other volunteers and board members. Danya’s commute to the kennel is an hour or more each way in our Seattle traffic, and she shows up several times a week.

Even though Danya is very dedicated to WAMAL and the dogs, she is not one to blow her own horn or to expect anyone to thank her for her work. In fact she is downright humble when it comes to praise or commendation, even though she is better equipped than most volunteers to handle any malamute in her care.

Danya is the kind of charity volunteer everyone dreams of finding. She is well liked by and gets along with everyone, and never does anything that isn’t in the best interest of the malamutes in WAMAL’s care. Danya gives her all for the malamutes and has been a very bright light in their transition from shelter or former owner to a new and happy life.


Stephanie Konz - Taysia Blue Rescue
Without fail, Steph has had a regular rotation of foster dogs in her home for the last four years. Her loyalty to Taysia Blue and our mission has never wavered.

Steph has been a critical partner in Taysia Blue's growth. Integral to our strategic planning initiatives, she has assumed a leadership role on several action teams including training fosters, adoption counselors and other key volunteers. She is constantly thinking of ways to be more efficient and more productive. She is willing to write policy, challenge the status-quo, find foster homes when we think there are no more, and scoop poop. Bottom line, she will do whatever is needed to support our mission. And she does with a smile and positive attitude.

Steph even scheduled her husband's kidney transplant surgery around Taysia Blue's annual fundraising event so she would be sure to give 100% to the rescue during this critical time, then give 100% to her husband at his critical time.


Lois McKennett - Chesapeake Area Alaskan Malamute Protection
“Yes! I can do that!” This is always the reply from Lois when asked to help with the CHAAMP malamutes. In fact, we don’t have to ask—she volunteers. Help transport? Sure, I can do that. Help with fundraisers? Yes, I can do that. Foster a special needs dog? Sure, I can do that.

CHAAMP's malamutes benefit from Lois's endless energy and enthusiasm. She organizes and participates in countless fundraisers throughout the year. While working a full time job and raising a young son, Lois is constantly brainstorming new, and productive, ideas for CHAAMP's malamutes. She has fostered an ailing senior for us, providing Whisper with the love and attention she requires.

CHAAMP is very fortunate, and proud, to have Lois be a part of our rescue team. She never hesitates taking on any challenge or difficult task and completes them with a smile.


The Texas 7 Need Your Help!
Texas 7 photo.

Texas Alaskan Malamute Rescue (TAMR) took in seven Alaskan Malamutes from a voluntary breeder release to rescue, February 2014. The dogs were transported to Houston where they are boarding and receiving needed veterinary care. There are 6 females and 1 male aged adult to senior. Sadly one of the 7, a senior girl named Aspen, 12 years old, crossed the bridge 10 days later due to serious medical conditions. 4 of the Malamutes have been adopted. The 2 remaining Malamutes are now fully vetted and sterilized, but the rescue costs for all the malamutes have been staggering! TAMR is very grateful for a local Houston vet clinic stepping up and offering their veterinary care and services, but they need help paying the bills! Let’s Rally together and help out the Texas 7.

You can help and find more information and ways to donate on TAMR's web site or email them at: tamr [at]

Check out the 2 remaining Malamutes below who are still looking for their "furever" homes!

Star: 10 year old female Alaskan Malamute
Star is a senior female. She is the most fearful of the group. Very shy, nervous, passive, leary of new people or things. Star is watchful and takes a long time to warm up. Likes the comfort of her kennel so we make sure we don’t stress her too much and keep outside visits with her short at this time. Available for an experienced rehab foster that can help her come out of her shell. The Texas 7 have always been outside dogs. They need calm and nurturing homes that will show them love. Star is heartworm positive and will start treatment soon. They need calm and nurturing homes that will show them love. Star will need a special home willing to work on rehabilitating her. Star is in foster care at this time. More pictures of Star can be seen here.
Tacoma: 11 year old female Alaskan Malamute
Tacoma is a senior female. She is a friendly, social, calm and talkative girl. Tacoma will grumble for attention and loves to follow you around. She will need to learn house manners as he's always been outside! Does well behind a 4 foot fence. Needs more leash training. Cats and kids unknown. Tacoma is selective on dog buddies so we prefer a home with NO other dogs for her. Tacoma will be spayed and bathed this week. Tacoma has a big tummy with nipple discharge so we are evaluating that at this time. May be a possible false pregnancy. Available for foster or adoption. The Texas 7 have always been outside dogs. They need calm and nurturing homes that will show them love. Tacoma is available through Golden Years Alaskan Malamute Rescue in Michigan. Please see more information here.

Over 150 Malamutes seized near Helena, Montana, 10/2011. The breeder, Mike Chilinski, is convicted of cruelty and neglect, 10/2012. The dogs have been released, transported to rescue groups nationwide and Mal Village closed 2/2013. Read the full archived story here.

Update as of 5/1/15 - There are only two Malamutes from this seizure with a couple Mal rescue affiliates nationwide that are looking for their happily ever after homes. Check out the Mallies below and contact the affiliate associated with each dog if you are interested in adopting or fostering!

TABITHA - Adult Female - Tabitha, a petite Malamute, is a shy girl who will need to be the only pet in the household. Full of spirit, Tabitha enjoys playing with her toys and running in a secure, fenced yard. If you have the time and patience to help Tabitha over her shyness, she will be a loyal companion for you.

Tabitha is in rescue with Alaskan Malamute Rescue of Delaware (AMROD). Please contact Angela Brown at MalRescueDE [at] or 540-430-8223. Visit their Facebook Page.

COLT - Young Male - Colt is an adorable little guy! Colt is high energy and even likes to use his back legs to climb. He likes to walk on leash and jumps up a lot! He has a mole above his left eye and the tip of his fuzzy right ear is missing - but that makes him more cute!

Colt is in rescue with Chesapeake Area Alaskan Malamute Protection (CHAAMP). Please contact Angela Brown at malamuterescue [at] or 540-430-8223. Visit their Web Site.

Maxwell Medallion

AMAL Tales Newsletter Wins Maxwell Medallion

On February 15, 2015, the Alaskan Malamute Assistance League (AMAL) received a great honor. It won a Maxwell Medallion for its quarterly newsletter, AMAL Tales. Content and layout editor Jeannette Wick was present at the banquet in New York City to receive the medallion on AMAL's behalf.

The Maxwell Medallion is presented by the Dog Writers Association of America, and commemorates Maxwell Riddle. Riddle was a prolific, knowledgeable and devoted columnist and author from Cleveland, OH, and an authority on dogs. Receipt of a Maxwell Medallion is a great honor, as it represents the respect and admiration of the professional dog writing community.

Few volunteer organizations are able to pull together and publish a quality newsletter on a regular basis. A huge malamute howl for all AMAL members who submitted articles, proposed ideas, sent the gorgeous pictures that certainly must have enticed the judges, and proofread proofread proofread.

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