AMAL’s Purpose

  • To promote, carry out, and provide comprehensive evaluation, medical care and appropriate adoptive homes to Alaskan malamutes surrendered to the League by shelters, pounds, or owners.
  • To work to prevent cruelty to Alaskan malamutes and all breeds of dogs.
  • To encourage the formation and promotion of rescue programs for Alaskan malamutes and other breeds locally and nationally.
  • To encourage responsible care to all dogs through public education, including materials relating to spay/neuter and training.

AMAL Affiliate Information

What are the benefits of affiliation with AMAL?

AMAL is a national organization that services malamutes across the country. AMAL is a 501(c)3, nonprofit, all-volunteer organization.

AMAL’s mission, in part, is to support the formation of affiliate rescues around the country and, when possible, to assist with some initial funding. AMAL offers supplemental funding when needed by affiliate rescues, and when funds are available.

AMAL offers networking support when a rescue becomes overloaded with dogs and when resources are available. An e-group list and a quarterly newsletter are maintained to support this effort.

AMAL maintains a Website that provides information to the general public. The site also has an affiliate resource area.

Additionally, an ad is maintained in a national dog publication to raise awareness about malamute rescue. Calls generated by this ad are forwarded to the local affiliate rescue for follow up.

Experienced AMAL affiliates are available to offer guidance and experience to new or less experienced affiliates.

What are my responsibilities as an Affiliate rescue?

Affiliate rescues should read and agree to abide by the AMAL Code of Ethics.

To cooperate with one another to achieve the common goal of placing unwanted malamutes in proper homes. The affiliate network is maintained through mutual courtesy and respect.

An affiliate that receives an inquiry to adopt from out of their area should encourage the potential adopter to first consider the dogs which are already nearby. Should this not be satisfactory, the affiliate should check with the nearest affiliate seeking information, home check status, and the possibility of backup. Without the cooperation between affiliates, the successful adoption of dogs from outside an affiliate’s area cannot easily occur.

While an affiliate’s first responsibility is to the dogs in their own area, it is important that we help each other. Dogs from areas where there is no coordinator are entirely dependent on such cooperation.

AMAL encourages affiliates to promote membership in the organization by telling adopters and rescue volunteers of our mission.

Affiliates are encouraged to offer AMAL any support or services that they can to further the goals and mission of the organization.

An affiliate that solicits money from the general public should maintain detailed records and be willing to share them with the public, if requested.

How do I become an Affiliate?

In order to become an affiliate rescue it is necessary to petition the AMAL Board of Directors. The Board may request in its consideration legal paperwork, funding plans, anticipated volume of dogs, and a plan for maintenance of the dogs in its care. The board will consider the petition and either approve or deny it.

Upon approval by the Board, a new affiliate will be offered provisional status with AMAL. New affiliates will be mentored by an experienced affiliate. After a probational period the new affiliate will be granted full affiliate status.

Want to Join as a Member?

Individual and family memberships are available and are separate from being an affiliate. Consider joining us!