Previously the AMAL Pedigree CD provided a local copy of the database that could be imported into Breed Mate Publisher. Unfortunately the CD was not usable for those with Apple Macs nor for Microsoft Windows 8 and higher operating systems. Given the popularity of Breed Mate Publisher, AMAL decided to use Breed Mate Pedigree Point to create an online version of the pedigree database. In order to make all the features that were available with the CD, a download version of a Breed Mate Publisher database is made available.

Legal Fine Print

AMAL relies upon donations for its funding. Benefactor AMAL memberships and access to the AMAL Online Pedigree Database are a significant source of AMAL funding. Having this database online for download provides an opportunity for abuse. If you download the database be aware that the copy is for your use on your computer with Breed Mate software only! It is much easier to share an electronic version than the original CD… Please be considerate! Any abuse will result in the removal of this feature. Therefore, by downloading the Breed Mate Publisher compatible database, you agree to AMAL’s Terms of Use and acknowledge that the downloaded database (zip file, .csv file and Images) are for your own use only!

About the Download

There are four possible downloads. The Breed Mate Publisher database is in the form of a UTF-8 character set, Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (.xlsx file) or Comma Separated Value File (.csv file) located in a .zip archive. The .csv .zip archive by itself is quite large at approximately 6.26MB and the .xlsx is larger yet at 11.73MB. If both the Breed Mate Publisher .xlsx and .csv spreadsheet files and all the images are desired, that .zip archive is a whopping 386.53MB. There is also a .zip archive of only the images which is also a quite large 368.54MB .zip file. Unless you have very good network speed it is suggested that you download the smaller Breed Mate Publisher only .xlsx or .csv spreadsheet file archive.

Downloads Dated October 21, 2023

Breed Mate .csv File Spreadsheet Archive (6.26MB):
Breed Mate Excel Spreadsheet Archive (11.73MB):
Images Zip File Archive (368.54MB):
Breed Mate Excel Spreadsheet archive (386.53MB):