The Online Alaskan Malamute Pedigree Database contains what is probably the most comprehensive database in existence of Alaskan malamutes. There are 156920 malamutes listed in this record. The entire AKC Studbook for Alaskan Malamutes is included (from the first entry through October 21, 2023). In addition there are thousands of malamutes from official sources in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Finland, Sweden, Norway, England, Denmark, Switzerland as well as privately-collected data which include malamutes in Poland, Japan, Slovakia, Germany, Spain, France, Belgium, and Holland. Also included are the malamutes in the AMCA Pedigree Reference Manuals (including photos), and from many other published sources.

Wherever the information is known, each record includes the dog’s name, sex, registration number(s), country of origin, sire’s name, dam’s name, date of birth, color, owner’s name, breeder’s name, all known titles, as well as other comments and reference sources.

The collection of this vast resource has been pursued by Dan Anderson over a period of over 20 years, more recently by Mike Ulman and presently by Karin Fischer, Tanja Gube and Paul Ganci. The purpose of this effort is to help those wishing to research pedigrees and find the origins of various lines, and to provide a historical base accessible to all.

Originally the pedigree database was made available on a CD that could be installed on Windows 98 and with some effort Windows 7. With the development of Windows 8/10 the CD could no longer be installed. Moreover, Macintosh users were left out as the CD could not be used on those computers. Therefore, in order to facilitate the use of the database, an online pedigree search program was developed based upon Breed Mate’s Pedigree Point software. Using the Online Pedigree Database, it is possible to search based upon registration number, breeder or other criteria which is in the database, and produce presentable reports and pedigrees.

This entire effort is being donated to Alaskan malamute rescue. You can obtain a pedigree subscription from the AMAL membership form. This database will be continually updated as new information is obtained. If you already have an active pedigree subscription, you still need to register for the latest version of the Online Alaskan Malamute Registry & Pedigree Database. So please don’t forget to register otherwise you will not have an account with which to access the database. We appreciate your supporting donation and hope you enjoy using AMAL’s Online Alaskan Malamute Registry & Pedigree Database.