Shasta & Aspen in Thimbleberries

  1. Before placement, dogs will receive veterinary and behavioral evaluation and will be given standard immunizations, if needed, including rabies shots.
  2. Dogs found to pose a danger to human beings will not be placed; not all dogs can be saved.
  3. Dogs will be spayed or neutered before placement unless veterinary considerations require that the surgery be postponed. In that case appropriate steps will be taken to assure that the animal is spayed or neutered as soon as safely possible.
  4. The medical and behavioral history, insofar as it is known, of each dog will be fully disclosed and explained to potential owners. Any signs of aggression will be noted in writing.
  5. Adoption applicants will be carefully screened so that dogs are placed in suitable environments where they will be as healthy, safe, and happy as possible; dogs will be formally adopted only after appropriate interviews, home checks, and vet checks.
  6. All placements will be done with contracts, and all contracts will stipulate that the rescue organization will take the dog back at any time. Any Mal that can not be kept by the adopter MUST be returned to the rescue organization or, if to be placed elsewhere, it must be with the written approval of the rescue organization.
  7. All rescues will keep adoptions fees or donations within reasonable bounds.