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This webpage is for AMAL benefactors to login to gain access to the AMAL Online Alaskan Malamute Pedigree Database. You must obtain an AMAL benefactor membership and then register for a subscription in order to access the AMAL Pedigree database. You will be required to enter the login username and password with which you registered at the time you subscribed or renewed. Please be aware that accounts are only valid for the year that you become an AMAL benefactor or renewed your benefactor membership. Also AMAL is only keeping 3 years worth of databases so renewal will be required after that time.

Legal Fine Print

AMAL relies upon donations for its funding. Benefactor AMAL memberships and access to the AMAL Online Pedigree Database are a significant source of AMAL funding. Having this database online provides an opportunity for abuse because it is much easier to share credentials to an electronic version than the original CD.

By logging in you agree to this site's Pedigree Database Terms of Use and agree to use your account for your own personal use only! Please be considerate!

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