Award Description

“The Christenson Award was established by Drs. Norm and Diane Pomerance in memory of Chris Christenson, husband to Betty Christenson, who started rescuing in North Texas and then broadened her scope. All the while Chris was at her side. He was the quiet presence, walking dogs, fixing coffee when there was a meeting, providing the calm in the storm that was Betty. Chris died of a heart attack while he and Betty were exercising dogs. Betty said, “He never let go of the leash.” That was Chris – steady, strong, modest, tireless, kind. The award is presented during the Alaskan Malamute Club of America National Specialty. The aim of this award is to recognize those who always work, but are seldom in the limelight. If one heads a rescue, there are other recognitions for outstanding service, but the Christenson Award is for all of you out there who transport, home check, foster, phone, groom, manage websites, and, in general, quietly serve your affiliate rescue. Without our unsung heroes, we could not save the dogs who mean so much to all of us.”

The Winners