The Alaskan Malamute Assistance League is proud to announce the recipients of the 2015 Christenson Award! The Christenson Award recognizes those people who are always there, working and volunteering beyond the call of duty, yet seldom in the limelight. Please join AMAL in recognizing these incredible malamute lovers for their tireless service and support!

Danya Sterner – Washington Alaskan Malamute Adoption League.

The best thing about Danya is she never lets the WAMAL dogs down! A longtime volunteer walker, she always appears to take the kenneled dogs walking, no matter the weather. She does introductions with new families, emails updates, and praises other volunteers and board members. Danya’s commute to the kennel is an hour or more each way in our Seattle traffic, and she shows up several times a week.

Even though Danya is very dedicated to WAMAL and the dogs, she is not one to blow her own horn or to expect anyone to thank her for her work. In fact she is downright humble when it comes to praise or commendation, even though she is better equipped than most volunteers to handle any malamute in her care.

Danya is the kind of charity volunteer everyone dreams of finding. She is well liked by and gets along with everyone, and never does anything that isn’t in the best interest of the malamutes in WAMAL’s care. Danya gives her all for the malamutes and has been a very bright light in their transition from shelter or former owner to a new and happy life.

Danya Sterner Photo

Stephanie Konz – Taysia Blue Rescue.

Without fail, Steph has had a regular rotation of foster dogs in her home for the last four years. Her loyalty to Taysia Blue and our mission has never wavered.

Steph has been a critical partner in Taysia Blue’s growth. Integral to our strategic planning initiatives, she has assumed a leadership role on several action teams including training fosters, adoption counselors and other key volunteers. She is constantly thinking of ways to be more efficient and more productive. She is willing to write policy, challenge the status-quo, find foster homes when we think there are no more, and scoop poop. Bottom line, she will do whatever is needed to support our mission. And she does with a smile and positive attitude.

Steph even scheduled her husband’s kidney transplant surgery around Taysia Blue’s annual fundraising event so she would be sure to give 100% to the rescue during this critical time, then give 100% to her husband at his critical time.

Stephanie Konz Photo

Lois McKennett – Chesapeake Area Alaskan Malamute Protection.

“Yes! I can do that!” This is always the reply from Lois when asked to help with the CHAAMP malamutes. In fact, we don’t have to ask—she volunteers. Help transport? Sure, I can do that. Help with fundraisers? Yes, I can do that. Foster a special needs dog? Sure, I can do that.

CHAAMP’s malamutes benefit from Lois’s endless energy and enthusiasm. She organizes and participates in countless fundraisers throughout the year. While working a full time job and raising a young son, Lois is constantly brainstorming new, and productive, ideas for CHAAMP’s malamutes. She has fostered an ailing senior for us, providing Whisper with the love and attention she requires.

CHAAMP is very fortunate, and proud, to have Lois be a part of our rescue team. She never hesitates taking on any challenge or difficult task and completes them with a smile.

Lois McKennett Photo